October 26, 2009

NL (Part 5)

Sorry for the long delay. I was away on summer vacation, relaxing, trying not to use my brain too much. Now that university's begun I've been busy but hopefully I'll continue to update. Moving along ..

I curled up in my beige Ikea bed covers, got comfortable, picked up my Samsung, and pressed my #2 speed dial.


"Nassoor shda3wa tgool aloo chithi chinnik shayeb?"

"Haha madry .. shga3da etsaween?"

"Tawni dasha frashi"

"Okay .. ana ga3d weyal shabab, mo tnameen! 3a6eeni ne9 sa3a wadig ok?"


I waited for what seemed like forever. I patiently waited, checking my phone every so often, in case I somehow missed his call. I didn't. I waited for two hours and finally gave up on his call back. When I woke up the next morning, I reached for my phone, seeing that Nasser had left me a text message saying, "La6oof good night. Mabe'3ait aga3dich warach ga3da e9eb7." I hated that I was waiting and waiting for his call and in the end he doesn't call. I let it slide, it's not like I would die without hearing his voice before I fall asleep. I was going to dream of him anyway.

I dragged myself to the bathroom, looked at my puffy sleepy face, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on some moisturizer. At this point of my day, I'm lucky if I can remember how to walk, I really am not a morning person. I browse through my wardrobe, uninspired, put on jeans and a tshirt. I walked into Business Ethics class that morning, sat down, starting to work on my morning doodles when all of a sudden I see Nasser walk into my all-girls class.

I stared at him, as it's the first time we really see each other at university after spending so much time together. Nasser walks up to my professor, talks to him, and is seated on the opposite side of the room to take an exam. The girl in the seat next to me stared at him, smiles, and says to me, "Hatha .. mino?" and I politely reply, "Hatha Nasser Al-Flani, a3arfa .. e5ta rfeejat 5alti." With such ease she sat up, looked at her phone and said, "Well, he's cute! .. But, don't tell him." I was bubbling with jealousy and frustration. How could this morbid, disgusting, hideous girl say anything about him? She doesn't know him, nor will she ever get to know such a loving beautiful handsome man!! She shouldn't even be allowed to look at him! She is too low of a person or a thing to look at him! Whoa whoa where did all this rage come from? Why am I getting so defensive all of a sudden? What was it that made me feel so defensive and protective over him? It was an alien emotion to me so I brushed it off, thinking I was just being paranoid or something.

I watched Nasser from the corner of my eye, loving the way he looked, the way his lips moved ever so gently as he was concentrating on his exam. That second, for the first time in my life, I wanted to know what that movement in his lips might feel like, what they would feel like moving against my lips. Were they soft? Were they supple? Were they hot? Wet? What are you saying?!?!?! Kissing his lips?!!? I've seen him a handful of times and I'm already thinking about kissing him!? Ok shut up and just continue doodling you idiot! As I continued to draw a stiff looking stick figure of some guy with a disproportionately large head, I looked up to notice that Nasser wasn't in the room any longer. Although he didn't look at me, nor txted me telling me he was coming, I felt like something was missing. Could it be that I already missed him? I saw him for a few minutes, just saw him, didn't make eye contact, nor smell his scent, nor have any sort of communication with him. How could it be that I missed him? What was it that I felt? Did I love him? Was I in love with Nasser? Could it really be?


  1. i jst came across ur blog and i must say i LOVEDDD ITTT!!!
    7adhhha 7ilwa il 8i9aa ...i hope ull continuee with this storyy l2naa it deserves a good ending;)!!
    posttt sooon oo i hope u read this!!
    -a silent reader

  2. LOVE IT !!
    cnt wait for more
    yala yala yala ;p
    gdluck wit unii;*